Jottings & Images.

The club has quite a history, one way or another and I thought I would show some of the pictures that show club members or their achievements, not as full Albums but individual images with a little explanation attached. Some images are whisical, others informative but I hope all will provide an interesting ‘aside’ and allow you to realise that Archery can be fun?

In the early days of “Club Colours” Margaret took it upon herself to produce this wonderful tribute to style and poise. For those too young to remember when we shot in EITHER white or green, then this may not be humourous.
“In those days” we shot at competition in either white or green but not white AND green. So, white trousers and a green top (dark green) were accepted, white trousers and a green top with piping was not. Then came “club colours” and this piece of humour.
Way back during the 1990’s this was the first contirtionist who, to my knowledge, actually shot using her feet. This was Lilia Stepanova. She went on to appear on the American version of the ‘got talent’ show. I think that was 2009, but it may have been earlier.
Look on YouTube and you should still see the video clip. Since then others have shot in similar fashion, but not me!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sample_painting.jpgBack to Margaret. To help one of the club members with a school art project Margaret produced this as an example of what was required. An archery ‘expressionist’ painting. You should spot the target and riser! The teaching must have been good because, as I remember, our young club member passed his exam!
Over the years we’ve had a regular “Festive Shoot” at the club on the final ‘shooting’ day of December. Initially we had one set of eight special target faces created by the club’s art teacher (Margaret). I was going to show a few images but realised that I could use the whole page and still not do them justice, SO, I will show this mix and dedicate a whole new page to the ‘festive faces’.