Annual Fees.

An important question is: “How much will it cost”?

  • I have created a PDF document that details club fees for ArcheryGB, Region and County. After this intial cost is paid then the club fees of £10 per month (£5 for juniors) will be applicable. For NEW members ArcheryGB has introduced a new fee structure.
  • View full AGB fees for 2022/23 PDF here.
  • I should mention the way archery is managed so these figures make more sense. At the top we have ArcheryGB ( or The Grand National Archery Society in ‘old’ money). They provide insurance, rules of shooting, policies and procedures and also make sure we stay on the good side of the law of the land as it changes with respect to sport.
  • Then we have the Region. We are part of “The Northern Counties Archery Society”. This covers the five most northern counties of England, plus the Isle of Man. Durham and Northumberland are classed as one county, then we have Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire. The region provide regional championships, indoor and outdoor, and more localised management and initiatives.
  • Then we have the County. Durham and Northumberland Archery Association. We now get down to championships within the county. Coaching and judging. Although Judging is also managed from AGB it ripples down to the county and we have our own judge liaison.
  • Finally we have the club and we, really, just want to shoot. However, we do need a management structure to link us upwards as administration is required. To pay for all this we need fees. Fees to AGB are the biggest chunk annually while the county and region take a small payment that allows them the funding to do what they can. The club fees allow the management to plan, and purchase whatever we need to allow you to shoot. Venues must be hired, even if you do not choose to use them fully, they must be paid for. Now see below for the fees breakdown.

To be able to shoot at the club the ‘Club’ current monthly fees are £10 per calendar month for an Adult & £5 pcm for a junior, HOWEVER, monthly membership fees are reviewed annually at the club A.G.M.

NOTE: ArcheryGB have an annual and a half year fee. (For those who join half way through the year, BUT with conditions attached.